Donnerstag, Juni 08, 2006

State of Emergency

Something is rotten in the town of Leipzig!
Roadwork spread on the whole city like fire! Workers running purposeless through town and all among this, creatures from another world and time!

Out of a sudden started a fight between two knights coming from different roads and running through the mass of people shouting and swearing. Than the sound of metal filled the air as their swords met. Two crusaders, one black the other white, joined the fight.
I walked on and stumbled over some dwarfs! Witches and old hags run from one side of town to the other!
Creatures of every earth time were visible! From the early beginning to the late 18th century, from the poor caveman, the dirty knave up to the rich lord all of them came to meet in town.
I saw fairies and elves, hobbits and magicians, kings and princesses and a lot of dark characters.
Fairytale met phantasm!
They were all over!
Than there was a sound I had never heard before!
Like an old metal can, that must have something like a hinge!
I turned around and saw it coming! Glittering in the sun, made out of polished metal rode a knight on a bike!
So they came together the New and the Middle Age in one person – very safe!
I found places where they ate strange things like our forebears did and places where they drank some kind of wine made of honey. I was surprised to hear them sing and to listen to music I will ages to get used to.
I saw preachers and already dead people as well as somebody still waiting for the final bullet!
I was astonished to see very coloured and very black people as much as very beautiful and expensive dressed, very frightening and very fabulous and fairytale girls.
I saw gypsies and travelling entertainers doing their games.
I saw policemen on horse doing their jobs as well as those doing service on bike and rollerblades.Nearly the whole town was decorated in black!
And than I found the ultimate proof!That what the whole world ever wanted to know about the Scotsmen!

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