Dienstag, Mai 09, 2006

Yesterday ?

Yesterday was the 8th of May! Since I can remember it was a holyday in the eastern part of Germany. We called it “Day of liberation”.
This day is known in the Federal Republic of Germany too, but they call it “Day of capitulation”.
The difference - is the point of view!
Yesterday 61 years ago the Second World War was over.
Well, it is too easy to say that the Eastern Part of Germany celebrated the End of the war and the Western Part didn’t want to celebrate, because of the surrender.
Actually I don’t know any country celebrating their losses. It is a question of tradition and society.
No country would ever call someone a hero, who was defeated. A hero is a winner!
Even the worse, if he was defeated by a badly developed enemy, like the Red Army.
An army of farmers, used like pawns at a play, equipped with weapons of their forebears, who feared their officers more than the enemy. Like if ants were attacking a bear.
But the ants won and we Germans don’t still have the greatness to say – they were better than we. We were too megalomaniac and it served us right!

Sometimes I still get the impression that the Americans and British still believe they had won the war. To say the truth – No! They don’t!
The western Allies needed the Russians. With their own forces they wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Germans, but the Russians - would have been. It was only a question of time.
The Allies only waited for the right time to enter the war.

The 8th of May is still celebrated in the USSR or what is left of it. Old men, who fought in this war, do still wear their decorations proudly and we – what did we learn?
Sometimes I think - NOTHING.

Last week a demonstration of the right wing took place. Neo-Nazism still exists in Germany and is supported by those being in power.
You might never ask them about any fact of history. They don’t even know where the slogans come from they are calling. Neither do they know anything about the cruelties done to Jews, Slavs and political enemies as well as the euthanasia programs. They are at age of 17 up to 30. A generation, born after the wall came down, that has no perspectives and future, while the situation is similar to those of 1923.
But we do have the policy of “se laisser faire!”

Quod est demonstrandum: history is a cycle.