Samstag, März 25, 2006

My best friend Luz

I’ve got a call from my sister on Friday that my best friend Luz will visit me over the weekend.
I was excited. I haven’t seen him for ages!
I know him from his early childhood and loved him at the first sight and so did he. We used to play and had lots of fun together. Our favourite game when he was very young was that he ran through my legs.
Now he is some older – about 8, but still full of energy!
He is totally black, wearing a white cross at his chest!
One year ago he was injured - something with his right leg. He is still limping and the doc says that it will become better but it won’t heal totally. I took him for a walk today, early in the morning. Since two days the sun is shining here and although it is still cold there are the signs of spring.
The first light green on the meadows, birds are singing and the first sunshine through the morning fog among the trees.
Luz loves to walk in the morning like me. He always love to walk, he only get tired very soon so we can’t walk for more than half an hour.
Unfortunately he still loves to play running through others legs!
Well as I said, his name is Luz and he is my best friend!